Carrying Songs

Yesterday, I wrote down a list of songs for my upcoming live looping album. I’ve been carrying these songs – often born out of improvisation, some which I’ve been playing and fine tuning for a couple of years… others just recently emerging – carrying them with me from performance to performance, like I carry my bag of cables, mics, pedals and papers. I wrote them down, an asterisk here, a question mark there, names of possible collaborators in the margins, and I got really excited!

By the time this 40 day Kickstarter ( is done next Tuesday, November 4th at 11:59pm, I will have performed 9 shows and concerts in 40 days, including 8 Live Looping performances and 1 choir concert, spent around 40 hours rehearsing, another dozen or so hours working on promotional materials, including press releases, posters, emails, updates, and video editing, all while working my day job and being a husband and parent. It’s been an incredibly full, and very productive month.

And in the midst of it all, to see and feel the huge show of support from friends, family, strangers, and community, both financially and socially, has been absolutely wonderful, and I’m so thankful! Thank you all who have contributed and supported me in this endeavor one way or another!

I can’t wait to get into the studio, where I can focus my energy and attention to translating this list of songs into the creation of an album as a unique musical experience for you, as well as a chapter marker in my creative journey. My project is nearing the first stretch goal, with a couple of other goals on the horizon. So, if you’ve been thinking about checking out my project, but have been waiting until near the end, now’s the time:

Tonight, I hope you’ll join myself and Rachael Kilgour for a concert at the Teatro Zuccone at 7:30pm: Adam Sippola & Rachael Kilgour at Teatro Zuccone. And next Saturday, I’ll be singing with the Twin Ports Choral Project at Mitchell Auditorium at 7:30pm to round out my 40 days of live performances: Heaven and Earth. I hope to see you, so I can sing you some of these songs I’ve been carrying with me.