Lead single “How Do You Know” released ahead of “Rising Point”

Rising Point Album CoverToday I’m releasing a lead single, How Do You Know in advance of my forthcoming album, Rising Point, due out January 24th. How Do You Know is a live looping, experimental rock song, driven by the cello on top of a found-sound rhythmic foundation created from recordings of my kitchen appliances, all supporting my voice and words.

I’m excited to share How Do You Know with you a bit early – one moment in the midst of Rising Point, my live looping concept album of vocally diverse songs spanning alternative, experimental rock, pop, world, and folk, and exploring themes of war, search, purpose, potential, and justice.


How do you know?
Does anybody really know?
When will I see?

You look like me

Where are you from?
Do you believe in life to come?
Can it be true?

I look like you


The entire album, Rising Point, will be available at my website, https://adamsippola.com, as well as on cdbaby, itunes, amazon, and locally at The Electric Fetus in Duluth, after the January 24th album release concert to take place at Sacred Heart Music Center. Buy advanced tickets here.

Enjoy, and thanks for listening!