Jesus Christ Superstar Review Excerpt

Adam Sippola as Jesus in the Duluth Playhouse production of Jesus Christ Superstar.

An excerpt from the review, by Lawrance Bernabo, published in the Duluth News Tribune :

“I never thought that Rice and Webber’s stated intention of humanizing Jesus automatically translated into making Jesus human rather that divine, but clearly the show privileges Judas as the main character. This time around, however, Jesus takes it back in the endgame, in no small part due to Sippola, who frankly cuts a more charismatic figure as Jesus than most singers I have seen play the role. His “Poor Jerusalem” rejoinder to Simon is one of the show’s most powerful moments, as are his “Gethsemane” and the “Crucifixion” scene. Sippola’s ability to sing in character and establish a rapport with others on stage has always been one of his strong suits and if Danner suddenly clicked her heels three times and said this was no longer a musical, he would still make an effective Jesus.”

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