And the title is…

Group Sing at Sacred Heart!
Kickstarter backers prepare to sing in the chorus for the song “Revolution”.

I’ve been working hard the last month on the album, and I’m so happy with the progress and the way these songs are sounding! I’m on schedule and on track with my budget, and the album release concert is scheduled at Sacred Heart Music Center for Saturday, January 24th, 2015. I’ll be sending out the event details shortly.

Last night we recorded the beautiful sounding Flegemaker Organ at Sacred Heart to layer with the didgeridoo on a couple of tracks, and the several collaborations over the last month have been so enjoyable, and are really going to add to the album! One Sunday, all of the Kickstarter backers were invited to Sacred Heart to sing in the chorus for the song “Revolution”, and they sounded awesome! And the following week, I was so fortunate to be joined in the studio by Rachael Kilgour, John Sippola, and Gudrun Witrak for the song “Walking Trees”.

I’m getting really excited to shift gears into concert mode once the recording and mixing wrap up shortly, and am please to announce the title of the album… RISING POINT.

Walking Trees
Gudrun Witrak, Rachael Kilgour, Adam Sippola, and John Sippola record vocals for the song “Walking Trees”.

More updates about the album and concert coming soon…